Mastery in Action Coaching

Jim Coyle of Mastery in Action Coaching is a professional life coach who works primarily with business people to help them develop their leadership and sales skills. He has extensive experience in both business and coaching, and we started working together when he was looking to really dedicate himself to his coaching practice.

We began with creating a logo that reflected him and his brand, and were quickly drawn to mountains as a metaphor for challenge and strength. The incorporation of the mountain shadow represents perspective; from the the summit of any mountain, its shadow appears to be perfectly triangular. This is called the “perspective effect”. From the top of the mountain, the small problems and challenges melt away, representing the pespective Jim can offer his clients in his coaching practice.

I extended the logo to a business card and a website to further support Jim’s coaching practice. The website is fully responsive and easily edited by Jim, allowing him to regularly share blogs and resources.

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Working with Marie was a creative experience that evolved my brand and value proposition.

What I really appreciate about Marie is her ability to get a clear perspective of what I’m looking for and developing the concept further. Marie is a creative partner who brings experience, intuition, efficiency and intelligence to the project. Her approach is collaborative yet direct in providing feedback on what is conceptually exciting or on the flip side an idea that simply doesn’t fit.

I’ve recommended Marie to several contacts I have and continue to appreciate the value she’s brought to my business.

Jim Coyle

Owner, Mastery in Action Coaching