Mediating Divorce

Julian of Mediating Divorce came to me in the summer of 2016 with an existing website that had been built, but not designed; it had the content he wanted, but not the feel.

Julian works with clients who are in the midst of a divorce—obviously a difficult time for anyone. He wanted his website to reflect the hope and optimism of life on the other side of divorce, and the potential of a calm, non-adversarial divorce process that divorce mediation offers.

I began the project by presenting Julian with three different concepts that could guide the re-design of his website, and we settled on “the path forward”. This concept heavily utilized strong directional imagery, featuring elements like footpaths, rivers, and roads leading forward to symbolize moving through the divorce process to a brighter future.

As Julian already had existing branding, I worked with his colour palette to tie the images together, adjusting the colouring to hide his signature dusty purple in the shadows to tie the imagery into the rest of the website and branding.

The finished website has an open, optimistic feel, is fully responsive, and easily updated and modified by the client.

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