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I hired Marie to rebrand my business and redo my website. The value that Marie provided was exceptional. I’ve worked with previous designers who have provided good quality products, however my experience with Marie was so much more. Marie provides accurate quotes and is professional and timely in her work. Her attention to detail and creativity stand out beyond other designers that I’ve worked with. What really sets Marie apart from other designers is her ability to collaborate on projects. Marie included me in the process from start to finish. She took my ideas to concept and then continuously asked for feedback about my thoughts on the design. It was more of an interactive process, bouncing projects back and forth until I was completely satisfied with the final project. I’d highly recommend Marie for your design needs!

Shawna Curry

Owner, Your Lifestyle Strategy

Shawna Curry is a downright inspiring person—a registered nurse, trained coach, Bachelor of Kinesiology, fitness instructor, and soon-to-be author. She’s exactly the person you want behind you when you’re working to incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle. Shawna is a certified health coach, and her practice is Your Lifestyle Strategy.

Shawna and I began working together as she was finishing up her manuscript, and looking to dedicate more time to her coaching practice. She’d dabbled in building a WordPress website, but preferred to spend her time working on her manuscript and with clients.

We began by working together to create a logo that represented Shawna’s multi-faceted, all-encompasing approach to healthy living. The interlocking crescent shapes come together to create a whole made of many parts, symbolizing a healthy lifestyle made of many smaller habits and choices.

From there I built a flexible WordPress website using Shawna’s new branding to showcase her practice. It’s easy to update, allowing Shawna to reguarly share blog posts and resources with her clients, as well as create custom landing pages for upcoming events.

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